yWorks releases yFiles FLEX Client Layout Extension 1.0

yWorks releases yFiles FLEX Client Layout Extension 1.0, the extension package for the yFiles FLEX library that enables client-side automatic layout.


Version 3.5 of the free diagramming tool yEd released!

This version brings support for import of Microsoft Excel® files to create graphs, as well as a new section in the Palette tool window that adds high-quality symbols for the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN).
Furthermore, arbitrary, user-defined properties for nodes and edges of a graph and the graph itself are supported. The new properties are displayed in the Properties view and are accounted for when saving and loading graphs (GraphML file format).


yWorks releases version 1.4.1 of the ActionScript™ class library yFiles FLEX.

This version offers a Flex 4 compatible client library, as well as additional documentation and demo applications that show how to use yFiles FLEX with the new Flex 4 SDK.


yWorks releases version 1.0 of the yFiles for Silverlight library for visualization and automatic layout of diagrams and networks.

This new product provides powerful diagramming components for the Microsoft Silverlight framework based on the proven yFiles technology.
In addition to first-class automatic layout and graph analysis algorithms, yFiles for Silverlight features powerful Controls for visualizing and editing graphs and diagrams.


yWorks presents Graphity!

Graphity is a freely available Flash®-based diagram editor that can be used to quickly and effectively generate drawings and to apply automatic layouts to them.


yWorks releases version 1.3 of yFiles AJAX!

This version is based on Dojo 1.4.0 and uses yFiles for Java 2.7.
It brings new client-side functionality for highlighting graph elements, improves presentation when updating image tiles, and introduces many new configuration options.


Coming soon: yWorks announces yFiles for Silverlight

Coming soon: yWorks announces yFiles for Silverlight, the graph visualization library for the Microsoft Silverlight 3 framework based on the proven yFiles technology.


yFiles extension package ySVG 2.2 released!

This version assures compatibility with yFiles for Java 2.7. It also includes many improvements.


yFiles extension package GraphML 3.2 released!

This version fixes compatibility issues with yFiles for Java 2.7 and also brings some API improvements. In contrast to the new integrated GraphML support, it does not cover the full range of new yFiles for Java 2.7 features.