yWorks releases yFiles for HTML 1.0!

This new HTML5/JavaScript™-based diagramming library brings the proven yFiles technology to HTML5-capable browsers on desktop computers and tablets.


yFiles extension package yExport 1.3 released!

This version supports page sizes for PDF and EPS output that match the size of the export view containing the diagram.


yWorks releases version 2.0 of the yFiles for Java extension package yBPMN!

The new version adds extensive support for BPMN 2.0, including node visualizations for conversation and choreography diagrams, event characteristics, activities, markers, and attached events, to name just a few.


Coming soon: yWorks announces yFiles for HTML

Coming soon: yWorks announces yFiles for HTML, the new diagramming library that brings the proven yFiles technology to HTML5-capable browsers.


yFiles extension package ySVG 2.4 released!

The new version brings support for SVG background graphics in diagrams and enables clipping at non-rectangular visible bounds of SVG node graphics.


Version 3.9 of the free diagramming tool yEd released!

This version introduces new label models that combine free placement with support for interactive snapping and provide convenient label alignment and label auto-rotation support.
It also brings enhancements to the GEDCOM import to support additional file encodings and auto-import of common data records, and adds new palette symbols from the BPMN 2.0 specification.
Additionally, the automatic layout now also features a new layout algorithm for flowchart diagrams.


yWorks releases version 2.9 of the graph visualization library yFiles for Java.

This version brings a new layout algorithm that can sub-divide a diagram into a set of smaller ones where each fits into a given width and height. Also, new node label and edge label models provide convenient support for free label positioning and sophisticated dynamic label behavior.
New rendering hints provide fine-grained control over rendering details of graph elements.


yWorks releases version 2.0 of yFiles AJAX!

This version brings a new SVG mode for vector-based visualization of diagrams in the browser and new support for diagram navigation using touch gestures on iOS and Android devices.


yWorks releases version 2.1 of the yFiles for Silverlight library for visualization and automatic layout of diagrams and networks.

With this release, yFiles for Silverlight adds comprehensive support for Swimlane diagrams comprising visual representation, user interaction, and support for automatic layout.