About yFiles for Android

yFiles for Android will be an extensive class library that brings all the power of the yFiles diagramming libraries to Android-based devices.
It will provide high-class UI controls for viewing and editing diagrams. These controls will also allow you to automatically arrange complex graphs, diagrams, and networks by the click of a button.

Currently, yFiles for Android is in development.
It is not available yet, but you can already evaluate the preview release.
Also, try the free showcase demo app!
You may also be interested in our new HTML5/JavaScript diagramming library.

Showcase Application

The yWorks OrgChart Editor demo application showcases the visualization and interaction qualities and capabilities of the coming yFiles for Android diagramming class library.

The demo application already gives an impression of what is possible using the UI controls in yFiles for Android.
Among other things, the demo shows:

  • interactive exploration of the diagram: structures can be collapsed and expanded
  • intuitive reorganization support for substructures using a touchmove gesture
  • support for panning the canvas
  • pinch gesture support to zoom the canvas
  • different level-of-detail visualizations for elements depending on the zoom factor
  • automatic layout calculation upon structural changes
  • undo support

Additionally, it also features:

  • editing properties of elements
  • support for importing contact data
  • loading and saving of diagrams

Try the free showcase demo app! Download the demo application from the Android App Market and see diagramming at its best!


levels of detail

Technical requirements: runs on Android touch devices (Android 2.2 and higher).

Commercial Information

Learn more about the terms and conditions for the commercial or academic use of the yFiles for Android library:

For ordering information and prices, please contact: sales@yworks.com.

Evaluate yFiles for Android

You can test and experience the yFiles for Android library with a 30-day evaluation version of the preview release.