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Scalable Vector Graphics

The ySVG extension package adds support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format to the yFiles for Java graph visualization library.

The current ySVG version is 2.6. Please refer to the release notes to learn more about the technical requirements and feature enhancements of this latest version.

Next-generation yFiles for Java (Swing)

Java 8
or higher

Beginning with version 3.0, the yFiles for Java (Swing) diagramming library features a brand-new, modern API which requires Java 8. This API is mature and provides many new features that are not available out-of-the-box in the 2.x line. It also provides the functionality of the ySVG, yExport and yBPMN package as source code application, therefore the extension packages are no longer required.

We recommend to start development with the next-generation yFiles for Java in new Java Swing projects.
Especially in projects that don't need to support legacy Java versions before Java 8, this is the recommended way to realize your application's diagram visualization part.


  • An extensible SVG and SVGZ (Zip-compressed SVG) writer for yFiles Graph2D objects that makes it possible to add hyperlinks, rollover effects, and other useful features to the generated SVG diagrams. The demo section explains how to extend the SVG output process.
  • The possibility to define the appearance of nodes in SVG format using a specialized yFiles NodeRealizer.

Click on the image to see an SVG diagram generated with ySVG.

SVG Sample
Show SVG sample


The ySVG extension package is available free of charge. Please read and accept the license terms before downloading the extension package.

Download the latest version ySVG 2.6 for yFiles for Java 2.18.

Developer Information

API documentation
Demo code tutorial

Technical Requirements

ySVG 2.6 requires yFiles for Java 2.18 and JDK 1.7 (or higher).

Please contact ysvg@yWorks.com for further information and/or bug reporting.

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