Jest Demo

The Jest demo shows how to use Jest for unit testing a yFiles for HTML application.

To run the unit tests:

  1. Go to the demo's directory demos-js/testing/jest.
  2. Run npm install.
  3. Run the unit tests with npm run test.

yFiles and Jest

While modern JavaScript (or TypeScript) applications usually use es-modules, Jest's support for native es-modules is still experimental. For this reason, es-modules code is transpiled. Due to its size, transpiling the yFiles es-modules library is rather slow. As workaround, it is possible to map the es-modules variant of yFiles to its UMD variant, which does not need to be transpiled. This can be achieved with Jest's moduleNameMapper configuration option.

Some parts of yFiles require a complete DOM implementation, which Jest's JSDOM environment does not provide. To still be able to test code that uses yFiles API that require a DOM, it is necessary to mock yFiles. See the tests/ItemFactoryWithMock.test.js file for details.