yFiles for HTML Release Notes

The newest available bugfix and maintenance release of yFiles for HTML is version

Technical Requirements

  • An IDE with dedicated support for JavaScript development is strongly recommended. For example, IntelliJ WebStorm or IDEA Ultimate, Visual Studio Code, NetBeans, Eclipse.
  • To run yFiles for HTML-based web applications, an HTML5-capable browser with adequate SVG support is required (see table).

yFiles for HTML – Changes Since 2.2

This is the first bugfix release for yFiles for HTML 2.2. It corrects several problems in the TypeScript definition files and two other minor errors. There are no incompatible changes.
Note that the bugfixes of yFiles for HTML are part of this release, too.


  • The TypeScript definition files now pass the compiler's strict checks.
  • The UMD variants of the TypeScript definition files no longer contain erroneous usages of the this type.
  • The constructor of the SolidColorFill class now converts floating-point values to integers. This prevents incorrect values in exported GraphML files.
  • There was a regression in mouse click fuzziness detection. As a result, mouse double clicks were sometimes not properly detected in Chrome on Windows and other browsers that fire superfluous mouse move events.