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Product licenses are perpetual.
An annual subscription can be chosen additionally.
Subscription means maintenance subscription, which is an optional service item that
grants you technical support and free updates of the licensed software during the
subscription period.
Initially, it is not part of a product license.
A maintenance subscription is valid for one year and can be renewed at the end of
the term.
Note that a subscription must start along with a license purchase or product upgrade.
Please note the following license terms:
An Academic License restricts the use of the Software to non-commercial purposes
(research, teaching, university projects, courses and application development).
Any software application developed under an Academic License may not be licensed
in whole or in part, to a third party being a commercial institution or a party
that commercially uses the Software.
Hereby, commercial institution is defined to be any company or organization with
profit interest, commercial use is defined as any use within a commercial institution,
any use with profit interest or any use within a cooperation of two or more parties
with at least one party having a profit interest.

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