yWorks Diagrams for Confluence

yWorks Diagrams for Confluence® is a powerful diagramming plugin for Atlassian Confluence.

It allows you to quickly generate, edit, and store high-quality renderings of flowcharts, network graphs, UML class diagrams, and other diagrams directly inside Confluence — without external tools or storage needed.

yWorks Diagrams for Confluence can be downloaded as a single Jar file. The in-browser diagram editor requires the Adobe® Flash® Player 10.

The latest release of the plugin, version 2.0.2, is compatible with Confluence versions 2.10 up to 6.1.1.

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Key Features

Easily add diagrams
Create and edit diagrams in the browser

Seamlessly integrate diagrams into pages
Store diagrams as versioned attachments

Learn more about the plugin's Confluence workflow integration and in-browser editor features.

Supported Diagrams

BPMN Diagrams
Social Networks

Semantic Networks
Network Diagrams
UML Class Diagrams

yWorks Diagrams for Confluence supports a wide variety of diagram types. In addition to the above illustrated types, it supports organization charts, mind maps, and many more.

Licensing and Pricing

yWorks Diagrams for Confluence follows the Atlassian Confluence Pricing model.

The license is perpetual and includes one year of maintenance, with the option of renewing a maintenance subscription on an annual basis.

Prices (US Dollar)
New License Renewal
10 users free free
25 users 150 75
50 users 240 120
100 users 450 225
500 users 1,200 600
2000 users 2,400 1,200
2000+ users 3,600 1,800

Software licenses entitle you to perpetual use and include one year of maintenance for updates and support. Renewing maintenance on an annual basis is entirely optional.

Before using this software, please read the license terms.

Learn more about licensing and pricing.

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