yFiles for Java Release Notes

yFiles for Java version 2.11 is the newest major release available. It contains many exciting new features compared to older versions and is almost completely API compatible with the 2.10 series.
(See also the entire yFiles for Java change log.) The latest release is version

Technical Requirements

  • Oracle J2SDK 1.4 or higher is needed for software development with yFiles.
  • Oracle J2RE 1.4 or higher is needed to execute programs using yFiles.
  • A browser to view the HTML documentation.

yFiles 2.11

New radial layout algorithm New compact node
placement support
in balloon layout algorithm
New integrated node label
placement in balloon
layout algorithm

Major Features Added


Minor Features Added


Viewer/Editor Interaction




  • Dfs: Added method cancel that can be used by subclasses to cancel the search.
  • Cycles: Improved method findCycle to stop the search as soon as the first cycle has been found.


Viewer/Editor Interaction


  • IncrementalHierarchicLayouter: Fixed possible IndexOutOfBoundsException if PortConstraints are used together with PortCandidateSets.
  • EdgeRouter: Minimum first and last segment length and minimum node to edge distance were sometimes ignored when used together with octilinear routing style.
  • Grouping: Fixed bug in method getNearestCommonAncestor that sometimes caused wrong results if one of the specified nodes is the ancestor of the other node.
  • InsetsGroupBoundsCalculator: Fixed method calculateBounds to consider only the given child nodes and all edges between those child nodes instead of all nodes and all edges in the graph.
  • GenericTreeLayouter: Fixed NullPointerException that occurred when using LayeredNodePlacer as default node placer.
  • LayoutTool: Fixed calculation of lower width bound in method arrangeRectangleRows. Due to the better bound, the optimization procedure now needs less steps, especially for graphs with very wide components. Note, that the results may also slightly differ, because the optimization may now stop with slightly different values.
  • SALabeling and GreedyMISLabeling: Fixed possible NullPointerException caused by labels with zero width/height and a "free" edge label model.
  • LabelingModule: Fixed bug that caused wrong choice of optimization strategy.
  • Fixed anti-aliasing option for image output modules. This fix also turns off anti-aliasing in GIF images generated by GIFOutput.
  • GenericNodeRealizerSerializer: Fixed deserialization of nodes whose GraphML representation does not contain any style properties. (Previously, default style properties were kept for these nodes.)
  • LocalViewCreator.Neighborhood: Method createViewRealizer now adopts selection state from model folder nodes for corresponding view group nodes.

Incompatible Changes

Changes in Technical Requirements

  • All yFiles for Java distributions now require Java 1.4 for building and running yFiles for Java based applications.

Behavior Changes

API Changes