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The Data Explorer for Neo4j is a free-of charge browser tool that provides easy access and interactive exploration of your Neo4j database. Based on the yFiles SDK, it provides automatic layouts and graph analysis algorithms to gain more insights into the data. Automatic coloring and sizing of the nodes can highlight different properties over the entire visible graph.

The built-in template designer lets you design specific visualizations for nodes with different labels.

Utilize AI support to automatically generate appealing visualizations or effortlessly explore the database by entering free text queries.

Looking for an visualization with Python in Jupyter Notebooks? Our thin, open-source wrapper Python widget yFiles Jupyter Graphs for Neo4j provides an easy way to visualize your database in Jupyter Notebooks.

The Data Explorer for Neo4j is a free database visualization and exploration tool based on the yFiles SDK. It lets you navigate your Neo4j database without the need to write Cypher queries unless you want to write them.

For a better understanding of your data, you can inspect the database schema and select or deselect elements of the database by label. Only the specified elements will be part of the database exploration which allows you to set a focus on certain aspects of your data.

The built-in template designer lets you design specific visualizations for nodes with different labels. Create visualizations manually without writing any code. You can also add mappings for properties that are visualized in the color or size of the nodes.

Optionally, you can use the integrated ChatGPT-based AI Assistant to generate node visualizations based on their label properties or to generate Cypher queries from free text queries.

The Data Explorer allows you to export the explored graph to different formats and to open it in yEd Live or the App Generator.

Looking for an visualization with Python in Jupyter Notebooks? Our thin, open-source wrapper Python widget yFiles Jupyter Graphs for Neo4j provides an easy way to visualize your database in Jupyter Notebooks.

Data Explorer for Neo4j 1.8.2
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Why use the Data Explorer?

Easy access and interactive exploration

Connect to a remote or local Neo4j database or load a sample database like the movies database. Inspect the database schema or start exploring the data right away.

Load specific or random data as a starting point and explore the nodes' incident relationships or neighbor nodes using the context menu.

Automatic layouts and graph analysis

Use predefined layout algorithms from the yFiles SDK to arrange the graph. Then, the data clearer and highlights aspects like hierarchies.

Sophisticated graph analysis algorithms help to reveal new aspects in the data, like finding the shortest distance between two nodes or calculating clusters and centralities.

Flexible visualization with easy templating

Bind the size or color of a node to a property to elevate the different values on the nodes.

The built-in template designer supports easy creation of styles that are assigned to nodes with different labels. The style is built from predefined shapes and text elements. Bindings to the data of a node allow for highlighting specific aspects and text from the data.

AI Assistant

The AI Assistant is designed to handle your free text queries for loading, selecting, or highlighting nodes and relations.

Take advantage of the Template Wizard to automatically generate visually appealing node templates, showcasing their significant properties.


Schema View

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node neighborhoodUse the filter view to get an overview of the node labels, relationship types, and properties in the database. Based on the schema, you can hide specific data for exploration or add short-cut relationships.

Automatic Layout

graph layoutsImprove readability of the schema and exploration graph by applying an automatic layout. There are five pre-configured layout options.

Focus on specific aspects

data filteringFilter the data by node labels, relationship types, or specific properties. Elements that fit the filter will be hidden during exploration, allowing to focus on other aspects of the data.

Graph Analysis Algorithms

graph analysisGain more insight into your data by analyzing the graph with sophisticated algorithms. Find the shortest distance between two nodes or investigate centralities and clusters.

Customizable visualizations

customizable visualizationCreate different visualizations with the template designer. Let the AI-based Template Wizard create an appealing style that binds to important properties of your nodes and adjust the style to your liking.

Free text queries

explorationUse the AI Assistent to load new nodes and relations just by entering free text queries.

Geolocation Mapping

geolocation mappingVisualize and explore geospatial data on an interactive map view. Seamlessly switch between geospatial visualization and the abstract graph exploration to reveal and highlight spatial relations.

Wonder Lens

wonder lensUtilize the Wonder Lens tool to get more details on clusterings and inspect connected items that don't provide geospatial information.

Multiple ways of data exploration

explorationFind nodes in the database using a search tool, Cypher queries, or explore relationships and neighbor nodes interactively with the context menu.

Node and relationship details

data detailsFind a detailed listing of node labels, relationship types, and properties for each element in the sidebar.

Share your graph with others

sharing resultsExport the graphs as images or GraphML files to give to friends and colleagues. Alternatively, you can open the graph in yEd Live or the App Generator to further tweak the visualization and use their sharing options as well.

Free license

Explore your Neo4j graph database -
at no cost

Using the Data Explorer for Neo4j to explore or visualize your databases is completely free of charge.

Technical information


The Data Explorer for Neo4j runs in all current browsers.

Besides the provided sample databases, you have the option to connect to your own (public or internal) database that supports the bolt-protocol.It is recommended to use credentials for a read-only database user, as the database will not be modified.

The Data Explorer runs completely in your browser and directly connects from it to the database, ensuring that your database credentials and content remain private and are never sent to, nor piped through, nor even touched by our or any third party servers. You can even disconnect from the internet, once the app has loaded.

If you choose to use the optional AI Assistant, you will be asked to accept OpenAI's privacy policy. This feature requires the transmission of your request and the database schema to yWorks and OpenAI servers for processing. In this case, we also store and anonymize your request on our servers to enhance the AI feature, in compliance with data protection regulations. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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Getting started

Step 1

Start the Data Explorer for Neo4j directly in your browser. No installation needed!

Step 2

Insert your Neo4j database credentials or use one of the sample databases and hit the connect-button.

Step 3

Inspect the database schema or interactively explore the data.

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