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The App Generator is a browser tool that lets you visualize your choice of data as a diagram. The underlying yFiles SDK makes this possible in a few easy steps. You can rapidly create diagram app prototypes with very little programming knowledge. Share proofs of concept with your colleagues and customers. Create scaffolds for your future yFiles-powered diagramming application.

The App Generator is more than an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) browser tool. It’s ETLV, since it also lets you Visualize your choice of data using the yFiles diagramming SDK. Visual programming and low-code techniques allow you to create fully-fledged diagram apps. Select from a variety of modules and connect them to load, transform, and visualize your data. Build your application with exactly the features you need! The generated code looks human-written and can be modified afterwards, allowing the app to grow to a production-ready tool tailored to your specific requirements.

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Why use the App Generator?

Rapid Prototyping

The App Generator allows you to rapidly create diagram application prototypes. Load your data into the App Generator and visualize it using the yFiles diagramming SDK. Experiment with different yFiles features and see how your data can be optimally visualized to gain valuable insights. Once you have customized your application to your needs, the App Generator can create code that is ready to be installed and run.

Easy Start

The App Generator requires very little programming. In fact, most features need no coding at all! Sample projects, tutorial videos, and help texts get you started quickly. You can simply focus on building your app – in the background, the App Generator automatically interacts with the yFiles API.

No need to reinvent the wheel

The yFiles diagramming SDK provides a flexible and multifaceted API with automatic graph layouts, rich graph navigation and editing capabilities, and highly customizable styling. The App Generator lets you choose features and combine them – in a stunning application tailored to the needs of your individual use case.

App Generator Features

Easy building

Little to no coding experience is required to create stunning diagramming apps with the App Generator. Create your first app in just a few steps!

Diverse data

Choose from various data sources: REST APIs, graph databases such as Neo4j, or JSON, CSV, or XML files.

Rich features

Build apps with many different features: tooltips, search bar, image export, interactive graph editing, and much more. Customization is a breeze.

Simple sharing

Share your project link with all relevant stakeholders, whether they are customers, colleagues, or decision-makers. Run and share a preview of your app within the App Generator. No installation required!

yFiles -
The diagramming SDK

Work with yFiles – the most advanced diagramming library on the market – in a lightweight, user-friendly, low-code browser tool.

Start small, grow big

The App Generator creates human-readable code, so you can alter the created apps, customize functionality, and add new features using the full capabilities of the yFiles graph library. This way, you can produce highly specialized, production-ready diagramming applications.

The App Generator runs directly in your browser. Nothing needs to be installed.
Sample projects, introductory videos, and help texts make it easy to get started.
Export the app as a .zip file, or let the App Generator create a repository on GitHub for you. Either way, your app is ready to be npm-installed and run.
Integration with the Data Explorer and yEd Live: Create an application from your Data Explorer project, or use the App Generator to load any data into yEd Live.
Customize the graphs in your generated app: Add labels to nodes and links, use different shapes, icons, or colors for the nodes, even use your own SVG templates.
The App Generator can create applications for different UI frameworks. Choose from Angular, React, Vue.js, or plain JavaScript/HTML, and select either the TypeScript or JavaScript language flavor.
more features

Free license

Create at no cost

The App Generator can be used completely free of charge to generate and preview graph applications.

Please note: The exported applications need a valid yFiles for HTML license. You can download a free 60-day version here. The App Generator itself does not require a license.

Technical information


To use the App Generator, you only need one thing: a current browser.

Most exported applications also require a recent installation of Node.js and a package manager like npm or yarn.


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Getting started

Step 1

Start the App Generator directly in your browser. No installation needed!

Step 2

Assemble your application by connecting the various modules. Extract your data, then transform, load, and visualize it. If you need guidance, check out our sample projects, tutorial videos, and help texts.

Step 3

Once you’re pleased with your diagram app, share it with others – or let the App Generator create source code for it. To run your app, download a 60-day evaluation version of yFiles, free of charge.

Launch App Generator

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