Download GraphMLViewer 1.6.1.

GraphMLViewer is a freely available Flash®-based viewer which can display diagrams, networks, and other graph-like structures in HTML web pages. It is optimized for diagrams which were created with the freely available yEd graph editor.

GraphMLViewer makes use of the yFiles FLEX Actionscript library. This is a Flex® library integrating the viewing, editing, and animation of a wide range of diagrams, networks, and other graph-like structures into rich internet applications based on Adobe® Flex® or AIR™.

Please refer to the GraphMLViewer release notes to learn more about the feature enhancements of the latest version.

Display your graphs as movable images (drag to move, mouse wheel to zoom). Here with the entire user interface of the viewer.


GraphMLViewer is based on Flash® with the advantage that there are no browser compatibility issues. The displayed diagrams will look the same no matter which browser and operating system it runs in. The only requirement is an installed Flash Player version 9 (or higher). The Adobe Flash Player is installed on most Internet-enabled PCs today.

GraphMLViewer allows the user to move and resize the diagram. Even complex diagrams can be viewed in detail without reloading the data.

GraphMLViewer displays diagrams saved as GraphML. There is no need to convert the diagram data into an image format before putting it on your web page.



Have a look at our gallery to experience the many applications that yFiles and yEd can be used in.

Display your graph as a static image with predefined clipping. The user interface can be hidden completely.


A manual which explains how to integrate the GraphMLViewer into a web page can be found here.

Download GraphMLViewer 1.6.1

You can download GraphMLViewer as a Zip file. The archive contains all necessary files to run the viewer, documentation about how to use it, and a simple example.

GraphMLViewer is available free of charge. Please read and accept the license terms before downloading the viewer.


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