yEd Graph Editor

Application Features

yEd offers a wealth of features to make creating and editing diagrams easy:

The current yEd version is 3.17.
For an overview of what's new in yEd, please see the release notes.

Diagram Creation

yEd makes diagram creation easy and fun with its powerful features and intuitive user interface.

Ready-to-use Diagram Elements

yEd comes with an extensive palette of beautiful, ready-to-use elements to get you started with your first diagrams, including:

You can also easily import your own bitmaps (JPG, PNG), vector graphics (SVG), or shape stencils from Visio® VSX files into the palette to create custom element types.

Clearly Displayed Data

yEd also helps you annotate and position elements for maximum clarity:

Intuitive User Interface

Editing diagrams in yEd feels intuitive and comfortable thanks to:

Automatic Layout

yEd provides powerful functionality for the layout of complex data sets. Its highly sophisticated mathematical layout algorithms can be used either to automatically arrange diagram elements, or to support you when undertaking a manual layout.

Easy Data Import

Import from any of the following formats:

Impressive Output

Once you've created a stunning diagram with yEd, it's easy to save it to GraphML and to export it for use in print or on the web.

Multiple File Formats

yEd can export diagrams to a range of graphics formats including:

Interactive Web Viewer

yEd also offers a simple solution for enabling users to navigate, zoom, and print diagrams from the web.

The HTML Flash Viewer export option saves your diagram to GraphML, and packages it with an Adobe® Flash® Player-based viewer and a wrapper HTML page. You then simply upload these three files together to your website.

See the HTML Flash Viewer in action.


To view more examples of yEd output, visit the yEd Gallery of User-created Diagrams.

Technical Details

yEd is a pure Java Swing application. It runs on all Windows, Unix/Linux, and Mac OS versions where a suitable Java Runtime Environment is available.

yEd is based on the yFiles for Java diagramming library, which provides not only the automatic layout algorithms and analysis tools, but also the intuitive user interface that makes creating and editing diagrams so easy.

For its look and feel, yEd makes use of UI components from JIDE Software.

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