yWorks releases version 3.0 of the yFiles WPF library for visualization of diagrams and networks.

This new version features an overall improved and streamlined, more consistent and intuitive API. It also brings a major update to the algorithms side with new automatic layout algorithms, new layout support, and many improvements of layout functionality.

The new version adds support for Sankey diagrams with their characteristic thick edges to the Hierarchic layout and introduces the new Series-parallel layout algorithm that is designed to handle two-terminal graphs. It enhances the Tree layout algorithm with new multi-parent support to handle local non-tree structures and brings improved support in the Hierarchic layout algorithm to maintain a user's mental map when collapsing and expanding group nodes in a diagram.
There is also new support for layout of regular substructures in the Organic layout style and a new edge routing style in the Circular layout, Radial layout and the Tree layout algorithms, where edge paths are bundled to prevent visual clutter in diagrams.

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