Technical Support

We offer our customers the option of extending product licenses to form a subscription package.
The subscription package includes the license for the product and for a one year period incorporates all upgrades and new versions of the licensed software, special support services such as technical answers and advices, bug fixes, and workarounds.
At the end of the subscription period, our customers will be given the opportunity to renew the subscription for a renewal fee.

Consulting Services

yWorks is also offering professional consulting services related to the yFiles library that can address specific problems and tasks in a custom-fit manner.
yFiles experts can help you, if you...

  • need to get started really quickly, because of that very narrow time frame to create a first proof of concept
  • simply prefer an agile approach where an external consultancy can help your team to "hit the ground running" and become productive in no time
  • want competent guidance on essential topics such as how to connect to your specific setup of data sources, or how to design the user interaction so that your application is a snap to use
  • seek hands-on advice on development tools, or which third-party frameworks and services you should use and how
  • need migration help from another diagramming solution or some obsolete technology
  • feel that that last little bit of expert knowledge would help you get even more out of the yFiles library, debug that one insistent problem, identify that weak spot in your application, or find possible room for improvements, be it performance / features / usability (or just a code cleanup and refactoring to increase maintainability of your code base)
  • ...

These are just a few situations where your project can benefit from yFiles expert knowledge.
If your project's requirements also call for individual consulting, be it short-term or long-term, then let's talk about it.

Get in touch with our sales team by email ( for more information on pricing and expert availability.
To help us get a better picture of the service's scope, please include in your email a brief description of your requirements, your project's context, and your desired time frame/delivery date.