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yFiles is the industry-leading software library for visualizing, editing and analyzing graphs. yFiles is a product by yWorks, an experienced company with widespread solutions for the visualization of graphs, diagrams and networks.
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yFiles - the Superior Diagramming SDK

Diagramming that Fits Your Needs
yFiles is the most advanced and complete diagramming solution available on the market. Our powerful and flexible API offers a huge array of functions out of the box. Choose the ones that match your needs best.
Suitable Layouts for Every
Use Case

Choose from a huge number of predefined layouts and configure them to perfectly fit the task at hand.

Countless Interaction Possibilities

Easily customize the interaction with graphs, for efficient and intuitive work on your use case. You decide what your app can do.

Meaningful Designs

Include all of the information you want to show – within the design itself. Adjust the design dynamically to the zoom level or data updates.