yFiles React Components
Effortlessly visualize graph data in React with yFiles-powered components.

Whether you're visualizing organizational structures, corporate ownership relations, or mapping out intricate supply chains, or processing event logs, our easy-to-use React components bring the power of yFiles graph visualization into your React applications.

Each React component comes with a dedicated and easy to use React-API tailored to the use-case, documentation, and live playgrounds that demonstrate the various features and the versatile API.

New React components are currently being developed, and we 're eager to hear your ideas. Contact us to share your suggestions with us!


yFiles React Organization Chart Component

The yFiles React Organization Chart Component uses the yFiles library in order to seamlessly incorporate dynamic and interactive organization charts and diagrams into your React applications.

This enhances the user experience and facilitates an intuitive exploration of complex organizational setups.


yFiles React Company Ownership Component

Our easy-to-use React component, leveraging the powerful yFiles library, enables you to effortlessly integrate dynamic and interactive corporate ownership charts into your applications.

Enrich user engagement and simplify the exploration of intricate company hierarchies.


yFiles React Supply Chain Component

Our powerful and versatile React component based on the yFiles library, allows you to quickly incorporate dynamic and interactive supply chain diagrams seamlessly into your applications.

This enhances the user experience and facilitates an intuitive exploration of complex manufacturing processes, allowing users to gain insights into their supply chain data.


yFiles React Process Mining Component

This React component extracts process mining diagrams from event logs. This technique reveals the actual flow of processes and helps identify bottlenecks, deviations, and opportunities for improvement.

The yFiles React Process Mining Component is built upon the yFiles for HTML library, integrating powerful visual tools to facilitate the exploration of temporal data.

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