Posts labeled "Case Studies"


Case Study: Airbus

How Airbus visualizes specific technical dependencies, without building a graph library from scratch.

Case Study: Langner, Inc.

How Langner, Inc. uses CAD-like visualization to protect power plants and factories.

Case Study: DbVis Software AB

For businesses today, working with large volumes of data is often essential for securing market share and ensuring a strong future. DbVisualizer offers a universal database tool that runs on all major OSes.

Case Study: JetBrains

As codebases grow larger, it becomes more and more important to keep an overview - especially for large software companies that work with a large number of developers on their software. Automatic UML and class diagrams can quickly and easily create this overview.

Case Study: Connect Our Kids

Visualizations can be found in places where you would not expect them in the first place. Diagrams can help social workers to find permanent homes for foster children.

Case Study: Visualizing Digital Innovation

How Appollo Systems used yFiles to create the first low-code development platform for visual business analyses and optimization on the market.

Case Study: Intelligent Data Provision in the Automotive and Rail Industries

How Austrian researchers are rethinking automotive R&D using data visualization and yFiles. In a research project, VIRTUAL VEHICLE develops a prototypical digital decision-making basis: a graph database for data collection and an application for visualizing and navigating the connected data.