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yFiles SDK for Advanced Graph Visualization

yFiles Download

Explore the world of advanced data visualization through the yFiles graph drawing library. Elevate your data storytelling, streamline workflows, and gain insights with features like sophisticated layouts, interactive graphs, and cross-platform compatibility.

The yFiles diagramming library is available for HTML, JavaFx, Java (Swing), .NET (WinForms), WPF.

Download, evaluate, and benefit from over 300 source code demos to enhance visualization in your projects.

Start graphing now!

yFiles for HTML

60-day, fully functional evaluation version of yFiles for HTML.

yFiles for JavaFX

60-day, fully functional evaluation version of the yFiles for JavaFX graph layout and visualization library.

yFiles for Java (Swing)

60-day, fully functional evaluation version of the yFiles for Java graph layout and visualization library.


60-day, fully functional evaluation version of the yFiles.NET graph layout and visualization library for the Microsoft .NET environment.

yFiles WPF

60-day, fully functional evaluation version of the yFiles WPF graph layout and visualization library for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Everything is coming together quickly. I love how extensible this product is.Mark Kowal, Karmatic Consulting

The yFiles SDK has the features and documentation we need, and provides excellent support. So we can focus on solving business-specific problems rather than building a visualization library from scratch.Philipp Wostry, Software Developer, Airbus

Let me congratulate you on a well conceived software library. I have found the interface and class abstractions to be intuitive and very well documented. What at first glance appeared overly complex is soon shown as useful when additional use cases requiring flexibility are encountered.Francois van Lille, Senior Solution Architect, EPI-USE Australia

We've been using yFiles since 2005. After looking at competitors, we decided to stick with yFiles. Its algorithms for layout are the best available. yFiles lets us simultaneously visualize geo data, time data, and the underlying connections.Peter Rakké, Chief Technology Officer, Case Study - Pandora Intelligence

I have been using yEd for over a decade, maybe more. This is just a shout out to all the wonderful people behind this tool. Because of yEd, I have saved thousands of hours and inspired thousands of people to take to visualizing. Thank You for being an integral part of my journey.Rajesh Kumar, Technical Consultant, Women Safety Wing, Telangana State Police, India

yFiles Graphs for Jupyter

yFiles Graphs for Jupyter is a free diagram visualization extension for JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook. It can import structured data from popular Python graph packages like NetworkX, graph-tool, igraph, PyGraphviz, or any structured list of nodes and edges.

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