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Recorded Webinars

December 08, 2021

Building Decision Trees with yEd Live

A decision tree guides a user from an initial question into one of the multiple possible end states. Each step along the decision process presents a choice that will branch down further until the user reaches a result.

In this webinar, we interactively build decision trees in yEd Live from scratch. We see different approaches on how to use the tools provided within yEd Live so that the presented techniques can be applied to almost any other diagram creation with yEd, yEd Live, or Graphity for Confluence.

  • Free diagram editors
  • Editable decision tree examples
  • How to build interactive decision trees
  • Learn more about the yFiles family of diagramming libraries!

    September 29, 2021

    Visualizing Business Process Diagrams with yFiles - BPMN

    Visualizing Business Processes improves the understanding of the process and how the process flow works. To give organizations the ability to communicate these procedures with multiple stakeholders, a standardized model, and visual notation is essential.

    In this webinar, you learn how the BPMN standard works and how to visualize business processes with yFiles using your BPMN data.

    The following links provide more information about BPMN and how it is supported by yFiles:

  • A live BPMN Editor based on yFiles for HTML
  • Business Process Diagrams with yFiles
  • Business Process Diagrams with Graphity
  • Learn more about the yFiles family of diagramming libraries!

    July 28, 2021

    Graphity - Diagrams for Confluence: Migrating from Confluence Server to Cloud

    In this free webinar, we show you how to effortlessly migrate your Graphity for Confluence diagrams from Atlassian Confluence® Server to Atlassian Confluence® Cloud. Also, we present the new features of Graphity 1.4. Since Confluence Server will reach end of sale soon, a lot of Confluence users are looking to migrate to Confluence Cloud. Luckily, the migration of Graphity is very straight-forward and quick. This webinar shows you the few steps that are necessary to bring your diagrams to Confluence Cloud using Atlassian’s own migration assistant together with the migration feature of Graphity. Additionally, you will be introduced to the great new features of Graphity 1.4, like isometric and sketchy diagrams and the new icon search.

    More information about Graphity for Confluence:

    Try graphity
    Buy graphity

    Easily migrate from Confluence Server to Cloud

    July 14, 2021

    Techniques and tips for displaying and editing very large graphs

    In this free webinar, we present techniques and tips for manipulating and editing large graphs.
    Transforming large raw business datasets into a meaningful visualization can be a challenge. Large graphs often suffer from higher complexity, which generally makes them hard to grasp. Most of the time, only a small part of the diagram is of interest, and a typical “hairball” graph might look impressive but does not provide much insight to the viewer. Reducing the complexity is an excellent strategy for browsing large graphs.
    However, even after complexity reduction, the graph instance can still be very large, and thus we need techniques to display the graph elements efficiently and interact with them smoothly.
    In this webinar, we focus on two aspects to tackle these challenges. Namely, reducing the data complexity to obtain a smaller graph structure, including e.g., aggregation, clustering, or filtering, and improving the rendering and interaction performance, using WebGL, customizing user interactions, and more.

    Learn more about the yFiles family of diagramming libraries:

    June 02, 2021

    What's new in yFiles 2021?

    Take a look at the new 2021 yFiles major releases! Hear what we have to offer, see what's new, and learn how your app or developer experience can benefit from the new features.
    There will be a focus on yFiles for HTML in this webinar, but you will also learn about features that will be part of all platforms that yFiles is supported on:

  • new layouts
  • new developer tools
  • new library features and integrations
  • new demos

  • Coach: Sebastian Mueller, yWorks CTO

    Learn more about the yFiles family of diagramming libraries:

    May 19, 2021

    New features in VSDX Export for yFiles the diagramming SDK

    In this recorded webinar we will give an introduction to the new features in the VSDX Export Add-on 2.0.0 for the yFiles for HTML diagramming SDK.

    You will learn how to:
    - enhance existing Visio files with yFiles diagrams,
    - add multiple yFiles diagrams to a single Visio file.

    Learn more about the VSDX Export for yFiles for HTML here:

    April 29, 2021

    Collaborative Editing with Graphity

    In this webinar, the Graphity lead developers present the new collaborative editing feature of Graphity. Graphity is the professional diagram editor plug-in for Atlassian Confluence.

    More information about Graphity for Confluence:

    March 25, 2021

    Graph Analysis with yFiles

    In this webinar, we introduce you to the different types of algorithms yFiles offers, for example, clustering algorithms, path-related algorithms, or graph structure analysis algorithms. We present use cases where the algorithms come in handy and you will learn how to run an analysis algorithm in your own application.

    Additional links
    Developer's guide - Clustering
    Developer's guide - Node Aggregation
    Developer's guide - Centrality Measures
    Developer's guide - Shortest Path and Reachability
    Browse the yFiles live demos online

    March 10, 2021

    Exploring CovidGraph with yFiles (Guest webinar at

    In this webinar, yWorks CTO Sebastian will demonstrate how CovidGraph can help researchers around the world intuitively and visually navigate through the publications, genes, patents, and more that make up the knowledge graph.

    Sebastian will go into detail about the custom visualization application, specifically designed to meet the needs of end-users and built by yWorks in just a few days. He will further introduce you to the tools and frameworks used by the CovidGraph project and show you how you can reuse this knowledge in your own projects. This webinar will start with a general introduction to the topic and the tools involved, and then briefly go into some technical aspects of the solution.

    More about information on CovidGraph:

    November 25, 2020

    Graphity for Confluence Plug-in: Setup and Administration

    Graphity's lead developer shows setup and administration of the Graphity plug-in within a Confluence installation and Confluence Cloud:

    • General admin settings
    • Managing built-in item palettes
    • Managing shared item palettes
    • Plug-in administration in Confluence Cloud
    Additionally, you'll also learn about new features and improvements in the upcoming Graphity 1.3 version.

    More information about Graphity for Confluence:

    November 04, 2020

    Visualization Tools for Complex Data - No Code, Low Code, and full Code

    In this webinar, you will learn about some of the tools yWorks uses and provides for creating bespoke graph visualization apps for complex data. We will introduce you to the "data explorer for neo4j". Also you will get see our new rapid application development and scaffolding tool - the yFiles app generator. You will learn how these tools can be used to create bespoke graph visualization apps to support domain-specific use-cases.

    Coach: Sebastian Mueller, yWorks CTO

    Learn more about the yFiles family of diagramming libraries:

    May 06, 2020

    What's new in yFiles 2020?

    In this free webinar we will give you a sneak peek of the new features and functionality that will be available across all the upcoming 2020 yFiles releases, i.e. web platform, Java, and .NET:

    • Isometric rendering
    • Automatic layout support for clear area/fill area layouts
    • Support for large graph analysis with community detection and aggregation
    • Bezier curve routing style
    And we will also show you what's new specifically in yFiles for HTML, our HTML5/JavaScript solution for great browser applications:
    • Improved Node.js support
    • Additional language and framework-specific support for TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue developers
    • New label style with rich formatting support
    Coach: Sebastian Mueller, yWorks CTO

    Learn more about the yFiles family of diagramming libraries:

    April 08, 2020

    How to visualize your Neo4j database with yFiles

    Learn how to load and visualize data from your Neo4j database with yFiles, and get to know some of the vast possibilities to obtain a better understanding of your data. We will show you, step by step, how to connect to your Neo4j database and load your data in a mini web app to create a clear visualization using the yFiles diagramming software component.

    Learn more about the yFiles family of diagramming libraries:

    March 04, 2020

    yWorks Webinar: yFiles Automatic Graph Layout

    In this webinar we give an overview of the yFiles automatic graph layout algorithms. We introduce you to what automatic layout means and explain the differences between algorithms that place all graph elements, edge routing and label placement algorithms. We present the different main layout styles included with yFiles (hierarchic, tree, organic, etc.) and show you their main characteristics. You will learn how they differ from each other and how they compare, and also about the different use cases they are suited for.

    Learn more about the yFiles family of diagramming libraries:

    November 13, 2019

    Graphity Webinar: Tips and Tricks

    Graphity's lead developer shows you tips and tricks for Graphity for Confluence:

    • Custom item palettes
    • Integrated linking of Confluence pages
    • Read-only mode
    • Editor and integration improvements
    • Feature Outlook for Graphity 1.2

    More information about Graphity for Confluence:

    October 16, 2019

    yWorks Webinar: Understanding Connected Data through Visualization

    In this webinar you will learn what tools you can use to get the most out of connected data visualizations:

    • Why you should not always visualize connections in your data as connections in a diagram
    • When simply getting the graph on the screen is not enough
    • Why detailed custom item visualization makes a difference
    • How customized interactivity can improve the user experience of your apps

    September 11, 2019

    yWorks Webinar: VSDX Export for yFiles

    In this webinar we introduce the new VSDX Export add-on for yFiles for HTML. This add-on lets you export yFiles diagrams to Microsoft Visio's *.vsdx file format.

    The webinar consists of two parts: The first part gives a general overview of the features and use cases of the VSDX export. We also demonstrate the minimal setup to get started.

    In the second part we briefly explain Visio's shape model and how the add-on converts yFiles graphs to Visio shapes, masters and style sheets. Afterwards there is a live coding session, where we show how you can import Visio stencils and use its masters and style sheets as templates for nodes. In the questions & answers of this second part we demonstrate how, for example, a company logo can be added to the created Visio file.

    Learn more about the VSDX Export for yFiles for HTML here:

    July 11, 2019

    yWorks Webinar: Diagramming with yEd

    In this webinar, we give you an overview and how to diagram easily with yEd, the oldest member of the yWorks diagram editor family.

    More information about the yWorks diagram editor tools:
    yEd -
    yEd Live -
    Graphity for Confluence -

    May 08, 2019

    yWorks Webinar: Graphity - Diagramming Editor for Confluence

    This half hour long webinar gives an introduction to Graphity the all-purpose diagramming editor for the enterprise wiki "Atlassian Confluence".

    Topics included:

    • Why you need Graphity
    • Graphity and yEd Live
    • Diagram Creation with Graphity
    • Tips and Tricks
    • Development Roadmap
    • Q & A

    More information about Graphity for Confluence:

    April 17, 2019

    yWorks Webinar: What's new in yFiles 2019

    The webinar consists of two parts: The first part is about features that are available in all platforms (Java, .net, Web). We show new features and functionality concerning automatic graph layout and graph analysis algorithms. We show the new compactness options for the hierarchic and the tree layouts, and the integrated labeling and bus layout feature of the generic edge routing algorithm.

    The second part is specifically about yFiles for HTML, the software diagramming API for the web. We show NPM module bundling, EcmaScript Modules, and ES2015+ features, as well as code completion improvements for Visual Studio Code and WebStorm. We also present the new CSS animation and styling features and the improved WebGL and Canvas support.

    April 03, 2019

    yWorks Webinar: yFiles and Neo4j

    Topics include:

    • brief introduction to yWorks
    • an overview over the yFiles software programming library capabilities
    • quick walkthrough through some of the online demos
    • code walkthrough through a very simple web application that shows how to connect yFiles for HTML powered visualizations with a Neo4j database
    • live coding, showing how templating with VueJS and custom layout configurations can be applied to diagrams created from graph database data, as well as how to add a heatmap effect to the visualization

    October 10, 2018

    yFiles - the Superior Diagramming SDK


    • Introducing: The yFiles Product Family
    • Brief Overview of yFiles Functionality
    • What's new? News and updates about yFiles
    • Getting Started with yFiles: Making the Most of Developer Resources
    • How to get Support when Developing with yFiles

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