VSDX Export
Create VSDX diagrams using yFiles for HTML

An yFiles diagram displayed on a tablet, with a VSDX diagram shown on a monitor.

Create VSDX diagrams from your data with yFiles' powerful visualization and layout features.

VSDX Export for yFiles for HTML enables you to export your yFiles diagrams to VSDX files, and share, view, and edit them with any VSDX viewer. The export is an add-on package for yFiles for HTML.

VSDX is a file format for diagrams used by Microsoft Visio®.


Simple and Powerful
The VSDX Export feature is easy to set up, with most common use cases functioning immediately. However, it also offers extensive customization options to accommodate even the most complex requirements.
Automatic Conversion of yFiles Styles
The VSDX Export automatically translates most yFiles visualizations into VSDX shapes, masters and style sheets. In particular, it supports all SVG styles that come with the yFiles for HTML library.
The VSDX Export can load VSSX stencil files and use their masters and style sheets as templates for the exported shapes in the VSDX file.

Developer information

Technical Requirements

The VSDX Export works with yFiles for HTML 2.3 or newer and has the same requirements. Namely, it runs in all HTML5-capable browsers with adequate SVG support.

Commercial information

Get in touch with our sales team for more information about prices and ordering, and to learn more about the terms and conditions of the commercial use of the VSDX Export for yFiles for HTML.

Frequently Asked Questions

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