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Our passion for engagement and support goes far beyond our products and services. At yWorks we believe in the power of collaboration, sponsorship, and social responsibility.

Global Presence: Our involvement in international events goes beyond attendance; we actively sponsor and participate in various gatherings. These encompass conferences, expos, and forums, fostering an exchange of groundbreaking ideas and connections that enrich our industry expertise. Particularly noteworthy is our support of the annual 'The International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization' event. This commitment underscores our dedication to supporting the academic community, the very sphere from which we originated.

Local Engagement: Our ties to the community are as vital as our global involvement. Our commitment to local initiatives spans from supporting various social endeavors to sponsoring our local professional sports team. Furthermore, our dedication extends to nurturing academic brilliance at the University of Tübingen, particularly in advancing the field of computer science.

We welcome all inquiries regarding sponsorship opportunities or invitations to events, whether as speakers or exhibitors. Please feel free to reach out to us for collaborations or invitations.

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Events & sponsoring

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