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GraphTour London - 2020
London, March 11th, 2020
Queen Elizabeth II Centre - Broad Sanctuary

Neo4j is touring to bring you a full day of exciting sessions on how graph technology transforms the modern enterprise. This free one-day event turns you into a graph expert — no matter your background or familiarity with graph technology.

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Local Times:
Tübingen 10:00 CEST
Berlin 10:00 CEST
London 09:00 am BST
New York 04:00 am EDT
Denver 02:00 am MDT
Los Angeles 01:00 am PDT

Events Schedule

Connected Data London
London, 2020

Connected Data London brings together 160+ Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Technology, Linked Data and Graph Database innovators, thought leaders and practitioners annually in one great conference.

More information Connected Data London

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