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We are looking for an enthusiastic and versatile

Software Engineer [m/f]

You are excellent in programming with Java, C# / XAML, or HTML5 / JavaScript. You place great emphasis on object-oriented design, and have already realized software projects during your education, in your job, or privately that you look back upon with pride. You know how to create user-friendly GUIs as well as efficient algorithms. Ideally, you have already gained experience in the data visualization field. Correspondence in English is no problem for you. German language skills would be advantageous.


As part of our team you will directly contribute to the creation of yWorks' outstanding software. This includes further development of our diagramming components yFiles for Java / yFiles for JavaFX, yFiles.NET / yFiles WPF, and yFiles for HTML, but also new applications that build upon our products. We will offer you the opportunity to become acquainted with current technologies and at the same time to bring the knowledge of your favorite programming language to perfection. Like all our engineers, you will be expected to provide exceptional customer support.


Please send us your resume directly by email (jobs@yWorks.com). Phone: +49 7071 9709056

We will gladly answer your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

About us

Located in the picturesque city of Tübingen, yWorks is a German software company that specializes in the visualization of diagrams. Operating as a company for more than 14 years, we count amongst our customers a number of world renowned companies working in such diverse industries as automotive, biotechnology, telecommunications, process modeling, and software engineering.