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Each member of the yFiles product family comes with a documentation that bundles together three resources: the Developer’s Guide, the API documentation, and the Knowledge Base. A centralized search lets you immediately find the answer to your question.
The documentation is part of the yFiles product package, and it’s also available in an online version.

Developer’s Guide

The Developer’s Guide describes the library’s concepts and explains how functionality is provided by the classes and interfaces.
You’ll also learn about the graph layout algorithms and their options and settings.

API documentation

The detailed API documentation for the classes and interfaces of the diagramming library provides clear help for working with yFiles. It is available as HTML pages, and can also be integrated directly into many IDEs.

Knowledge Base

The yWorks Knowledge Base contains short, product-specific technical articles written by our core engineers that answer frequently asked questions.


For more information about yFiles on the web platform, check out our variant specific details.


For more information about yFiles on the Java platform, check out our variant specific details.

yFiles for JavaFX

Open documentation

yFiles for Java (Swing) 3.x

Open documentation

yFiles for Java (Swing) 2.x

Open documentation

Further documentation for yFiles for Java (Swing) 2.x and its extensions is available here.


For more information about yFiles on the .NET platform, check out our variant specific details.

yFiles.NET (WinForms)

Open documentation


Software changes over time, and so does yFiles. We develop the diagramming SDK for new technologies as these become established. And although we support outdated yFiles versions for a very long time, we have to say goodbye at some point.

Outdated technologies

Looking for even more helpful resources?

Check out our support hub to find video tutorials, source code demos and more.

Support hub

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