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At yWorks, we prioritize long-standing partnerships across various key domains. Our partnerships are an integral part of our commitment to excellence and innovation.

We proudly offer direct sales worldwide from our headquarters in Germany, providing seamless access to our innovative products and services. Our Customer Success Team, comprised of experts in diagramming and years of experience in procurement facilitation, stands ready to support and perfect your purchasing process. While customers have the convenience of purchasing directly from us, we do also collaborate with sales partners all over the world to ease up the procurement process in certain regions, industries, or corporations. For that, we leverage our network of local partners and resellers.

If you're looking for assistance in purchasing yFiles through a reseller, please don't hesitate to contact us at Our customer success team will help facilitate the buying process and connect you with a yWorks authorized sales partner who can provide the necessary support.

We collaborate with well-established companies and respected academic institutions in the technology and research sectors. These partnerships contribute significantly to our technological advancements by offering valuable insights into current trends and innovative technologies. Additionally, we support university conferences specializing in graph drawing and data visualization, furthering our commitment to fostering advancements in these domains. Our alliances with research-focused entities play a crucial role in driving forward our research initiatives across diverse domains.

Furthermore, we partner with specialized entities proficient in the technical implementation of diagramming applications utilizing our yFiles SDK. These partners adeptly support our clients throughout their project endeavors, assisting during prototyping or the comprehensive execution of planned diagramming applications. Skilled in graph drawing and yFiles implementation, these partners play a pivotal role in delivering robust and innovative diagramming solutions. Regardless of encountering resource constraints or aiming to optimize implementation processes, these partners provide invaluable support and expertise.

Companies interested in collaborating with us are encouraged to reach out anytime at We welcome inquiries and look forward to exploring potential partnerships.

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