Case Study: JetBrains

As codebases grow larger, it becomes more and more important to keep an overview - especially for large software companies that work with a large number of developers on their software. Automatic UML and class diagrams can quickly and easily create this overview.

Case Study: Connect Our Kids

Visualizations can be found in places where you would not expect them in the first place. Diagrams can help social workers to find permanent homes for foster children.

yWorks releases version 2.3 of yFiles for HTML!

The series of new releases in 2020 of the yFiles family of diagramming software libraries starts with the 2.3 release of yFiles for HTML. With this release, once more, yWorks shows that it's the leading provider of professional high-quality graph diagramming software libraries. The 2020 set of releases contain break-through features that have not been available to software developers before. They enable both existing yFiles customers and software developers new to the product to create stunning new diagram visualization applications that have not been possible before.


Case Study: Visualizing Digital Innovation

How Appollo Systems used yFiles to create the first low-code development platform for visual business analyses and optimization on the market.

The Story behind the yWorks Logos

For almost 20 years now, we are in love with visualizations and graphs! So much so, that parts of our new Corporate Design were made with a tool built with our #yFiles diagramming SDK! You can read more about yFiles and the history of our logo here.

Hackathon at Stackoverflow Offices

During the GraphConnect 2018, we took part in a hackathon all around Neo4j at the offices of Stack Overflow and helped to build a Manhattan-based geospatial data visualization.

Recognizing graphs from images

Once a year the yWorks office is alive with a very special atmosphere: The project days. Small groups of developers gather together to work on projects that are not necessarily connected to the everyday work or the core products of the company. This year, four brave developers set out to new lands and tried to parse photos and screenshots of diagrams as actual yFiles graphs without ever having touched computer vision topics before. This is their story.


Case Study: Intelligent Data Provision in the Automotive and Rail Industries

How Austrian researchers are rethinking automotive R&D using data visualization and yFiles. In a research project, VIRTUAL VEHICLE develops a prototypical digital decision-making basis: a graph database for data collection and an application for visualizing and navigating the connected data.

yWorks releases version 2.2 of yFiles for HTML!

With the new 2.2 release of yFiles for HTML yWorks again proves to be the leading provider of professional high-quality graph diagramming software libraries. The new release contains new features, unmatched in the industry, that will both delight existing customers and will open the product to a wider audience range.


yFiles and Neo4j: Custom Visualization Solutions

Neo4j is great for storing and processing large amounts of connected data. For example, in web analytics, where click-paths and custom events get logged, it is easy to get that data into Neo4j. Once the data is in the graph database, complex queries may be executed that help both site administrators and site owners get a good understanding of how their users and visitors use the website or ecommerce store.