Virtual Reality in yEd Live

The newest addition to yEd Live lets you explore your diagrams in virtual reality directly in the browser.


yFiles Neo4j Explorer: Advanced Node Styling

The yFiles Neo4j Explorer is a powerful and free online tool to visually explore your Neo4j databases. With the new Node Template Designer, you can easily style the database nodes in an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor.


BBL Liga Graph - Eine App für die Basketball Bundesliga

Auf dieser Seite stellen wir euch unsere Basketball Bundesliga App “BBL Liga Graph” vor.


Project #1: The Sound Graph

This is our first official blog entry, so ‘Welcome’! For years we’ve wanted to start a blog, but never really found the time, nor did we find a topic that we thought was compelling enough to start with.


yWorks releases version 2.14 of the 2.x technology line of yFiles for Java.

This new version brings new layout support and many improvements of layout functionality to the algorithms side.


yWorks releases version 3.0 of the yFiles WPF library for visualization of diagrams and networks.

This new version features an overall improved and streamlined, more consistent and intuitive API. It also brings a major update to the algorithms side with new automatic layout algorithms, new layout support, and many improvements of layout functionality.


yWorks releases version 2.0.1 of yFiles for HTML!

This new version brings the yFiles for HTML GWT Overlay to support development with the GWT Web Toolkit (GWT) and also adds many new source code demo applications, including an extensive BPMN demo application with high-quality BPM visualizations and specialized automatic layout.


yWorks releases version 1.4 of the 1.x technology line of yFiles for HTML!

This version adds support for Sankey diagrams with their characteristic thick edges to the Hierarchic layout and brings improved support in the Hierarchic layout algorithm to maintain a user's mental map when collapsing and expanding group nodes in a diagram. There is also new support for layout of regular substructures in the Organic layout style and a new edge routing style in the Circular layout, Radial layout and the Tree layout algorithms, where edge paths are bundled to prevent visual clutter in diagrams.
With this version the feature set of the automatic layouts in the 1.x technology line of yFiles for HTML is on a par with yFiles for HTML 2.0.


Version 3.17 of the free diagramming tool yEd released!

This version features more import support for the GraphML variants of our commercial yFiles diagramming libraries and new support for text matching using regular expressions.