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At yWorks, we take pride in our expertise in software development. Our talented team of over 30 highly skilled professionals is constantly pushing the boundaries of data visualization technology, creating powerful tools that transform complex data into clear and insightful visual representations. From interactive charts and graphs to dynamic network diagrams, our SDKs empower you to present your data in the most meaningful and impactful way possible.

A part of the yWorks team at the 31st International Symposium on Graph Drawing
and Network Visualization in Palermo, Sicily.

As developers and graph layout professionals, we enable everyone to see the beauty and value of their data – and share it with others.yWorks, mission

Graph drawing
since 1998

Over 25 years of diagramming
– all over the world!

The yWorks journey began in 1998 as a project at the University of Tübingen, laying its foundation through innovative work. As yWorks evolved into a global leader in graph drawing libraries and tools, our passion for innovation and unwavering commitment to excellence continued to drive our progress. This enduring dedication allows us to continually shape how individuals worldwide visualize and communicate complex information.

Developing the best tools for

data visualization

At yWorks, we specialize in crafting professional software solutions dedicated to the crystal-clear visualization of graphs, networks, and diagrams. Our expertise lies in integrating efficient data structures, complex algorithms, and advanced techniques, ensuring exceptional user interaction across various platforms. This synergy delivers highly versatile and sophisticated diagram visualization across diverse application domains.

Central to our offerings is yFiles our superior diagramming SDK, meticulously designed for developers. Our expertise encompasses a spectrum of tools, including data analysis and diagram editors, alongside helpful utilities.

yWorks history

We develop software solutions for data visualization. In all of our relationships, internally and externally, we cultivate a spirit of partnership and fairness. We never boast – we deliver. To the highest standard. And from there, we always strive for more.yWorks, brand essence

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