The Company

yWorks specializes in the development of professional software solutions that enable the clear visualization of diagrams and networks. yWorks has brought together efficient data structures, complex algorithms, and advanced techniques that provide excellent user interaction. This allows the user to experience highly versatile and sophisticated diagram visualization in applications across many diverse areas.

Our yFiles product family offers high-quality diagramming for cross-platform Java applications, for applications on the .NET platform and for browser applications based on HTML5 / JavaScript.
The extensive yFiles for Java / yFiles for JavaFX class libraries and the .NET class libraries yFiles.NET and yFiles WPF deliver state-of-the-art component technology which can easily be integrated into Java / JavaFX applications, servlets, and applets, and Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications, respectively.
Our JavaScript library yFiles for HTML is a perfect fit for web-based diagramming applications that use state-of-the-art web technologies.

yFiles libraries are used by many renowned companies and universities around the world. See a selection of our customers.

In addition, yWorks provides high-quality tools that can be used in software development and software documentation. Amongst these tools are our Java bytecode obfuscator and a Javadoc extension that facilitates UML diagram generation.
A plugin for Atlassian Confluence® provides support for diagram creation and editing in wiki documents.