Case Study: Visualizing Digital Innovation

Appollo Digital Innovation Platform. Source: Appollo Systems

The act of digitalizing a business can be very challenging and unclear, especially for enterprises not rooted in the IT world. Possibilities and challenges, as well as efforts and costs required, can be difficult to foresee for business owners and managers. How can a business approach the future of digitalization and Industry 4.0, optimally? To navigate through the uncertainty of the future, good consulting is key. A clear and intelligent understanding of the available data is the basis of every good counsel – a challenge in today’s era of big data.

Appollo Systems is dedicated to accelerating digital innovation. The company was founded in 2015 by a father-and-son duo in Germany and they were determined to create a cloud-based, low-code development platform that eases business-IT alignment towards the digitalized future. It is the first company to offer a visual-based business analysis and optimization platform, providing their users with a seamless transition into agile, low-code application development. To facilitate the understanding of big amounts of data and their relationships to each other, a fast, fluid, and clear visualization is crucial. For the visualization, they chose yFiles – the powerful diagramming software library.

The flexibility of yFiles made the integration of the visualizations quickly and seamlessly.Appollo Systems

Appollo Digital Innovation Platform – Heatmap-based Application Monitoring & Optimization. Source: Appollo Systems

To create market-ready visualizations for the Appollo Digital Innovation Platform faster, they decided to take advantage of the two decades of experience yWorks has in this area. With the flexibility of yFiles and its powerful programming API Appollo was able to import their existing data model in no time and integrate the visualizations seamlessly into their existing platform. Many improvement suggestions for the API that the Appollo Team had during the implementation were implemented within the next yFiles update. Besides, additional source code was provided by the yWorks support team to ensure the successful and timely deployment of the implementation.

With yFiles, Appollo Systems can easily visualize the models for business analysis low-code application development with the versatile layout and visualization algorithms. The extensive editing possibilities of yFiles allow users to interact with and modify their models in an intuitive, graphical manner. This integration can be seen in the more than 20 different types of models, which are visualized through the Appollo Digital Innovation Platform. It, therefore, enables none-IT professionals, citizen developers, and business analysts, to graphically develop prototypes, MVPs up to enterprise-grade applications by just ‘drag&drop’ and low-code even without any IT support.

Appollo Digital Innovation Platform – Process Model with full support of BPMN Standard. Source: Appollo Systems

Since November of 2015 Appollo Systems is dedicated to improving the process of digitalization with several additions to the Appollo Digital Innovation Platform portfolio. Co-Founder, Dr. Eckhard Herdt, commenting on the support of yWorks provided to Appollo Systems:

We always received helpful support immediately, most of the time even on the same day.Dr. Eckhard Herdt, Co-Founder

Appollo Digital Innovation Platform – Innovation Cycle. Source: Appollo Systems

Demo Business Process Diagrams (BPMN)

Appollo Systems uses BPMN visualizations to analyze data. See for yourself, how yFiles enables you to edit and display your data in our BPMN-Demo.

Appollo Systems GmbH

Appollo Systems GmbH was founded in 2015 and is located in Bürgstadt, Germany. It offers consulting services in the areas of business analysis and optimization, digitalization and industry 4.0.

The innovative core product is the cloud-based Appollo Digital Innovation Platform, which covers all phases of the application life cycle. Highlights include low-code application development in conjunction with BPMN-based process automation, DMN-based rules engine, 20 model types, heatmap-based business analysis, and heatmap-based real-time application monitoring, as well as an integrated collaboration feature and issue management.

The platform is used in all kinds of business areas like finance, telecommunication, industry, logistics, health care, and public sector.

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