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New major release yFiles for JavaFX 3.1

This new version brings huge rendering performance improvements and many new performance-related configuration options. Also, an extensive graph editor application shows the integration with the Eclipse e4 API of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform.


yWorks releases version 3.0 of the graph visualization library yFiles for JavaFX!

This new version brings a major update to the algorithms side with new automatic layout algorithms, new layout support, and many improvements of layout functionality. It features an overall improved and streamlined, more consistent API and adds CSS styling and support for native JavaFX controls in diagrams. Plus, there is new support for SVG export demonstrated and for high-quality BPM visualizations and automatic layout of BPMN diagrams.


yWorks releases version 2.0 of the graph visualization library yFiles for JavaFX!

This new version brings full Java 8 support, new printing support and improved image export.
It introduces a new layout algorithm for radial layout that places nodes in a concentrical fashion. The Balloon style tree layout algorithm brings new placement options and new integrated node labeling support.
Also new is functionality to abort lengthy calculations of automatic layout algorithms.


yWorks releases yFiles for JavaFX 1.0!

This new diagramming library brings the proven yFiles technology to JavaFX applications.
It contains UI controls for viewing and editing diagrams and our layout algorithms for automatically arranging complex graphs and networks at the click of a button.