First-Class Diagramming Components for the .NET Platform

The yFiles product family offers solutions for the Microsoft .NET platform that support building Windows Forms as well as Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications.
They provide data structures and algorithms for graph analysis, advanced functionality to automatically calculate layouts for graphs, diagrams, and networks, as well as visualization controls for their presentation.


Established framework that lets you build powerful and visually stunning Windows Forms applications.

You can test and experience yFiles.NET with a 60-day, fully functional evaluation version.

yFiles WPF

This solution covers exciting new features of the Windows Presentation Foundation and enables you to build powerful and visually stunning WPF applications.

You can test and experience yFiles WPF with a 60-day, fully functional evaluation version.

Common Features

yFiles.NET and yFiles WPF share the same overall architecture. The API is very similar between these products, making it easy to migrate from one to another.
Thanks to their use of the same basis for their algorithms component, graph analysis and layout results are nearly identical across Windows Forms and WPF applications.

The Many Benefits...

yFiles.NET and yFiles WPF provide essential building blocks for writing applications that analyze, visualize, edit, or automatically draw graphs, diagrams, and networks.

If you need diagramming components or layout algorithms, you need yFiles!

Versatility is one of the main advantages of choosing yFiles. Our many customers come from highly diverse application areas including:

  • biochemical network analysis and visualization
  • business process modeling
  • data mining (e.g. log file analysis)
  • database management and modeling
  • network management
  • social networks
  • software engineering (e.g. UML diagramming)
  • workflow management (e.g. flow chart generation)
  • WWW visualization
  • visual programming
The yFiles Gallery

Visit our gallery to see a variety of diagrams that demonstrate the powerful layout capabilities of yFiles.

Note that although these images were rendered using yFiles for Java, our .NET libraries offer nearly identical layout features.