yFiles AJAX

yFiles AJAX provides a basis for diagramming web applications. Its server side is based on the successful yFiles for Java library. The client side is realized in JavaScript™ with the Dojo toolkit. It uses the Ajax approach.

The current yFiles AJAX version is 2.2.

Please refer to the release notes for technical requirements and an overview of what's new in yFiles AJAX.

Looking for a web-based diagramming solution?

Have a look at our JavaScript / HTML5 diagramming library yFiles for HTML, which we recommend instead of yFiles AJAX if you want to create feature-rich, fully interactive diagramming applications that run completely in the browser.


yFiles AJAX provides essential building blocks for visualizing and editing graphs, diagrams, and networks on the Web:

No Browser Plugins
Use any web browser, plugin-free.

Easy Deployment
Your yFiles AJAX application will run on any client web browser once deployed to the server.

Desktop Power on the Web
Easily create web applications as powerful as desktop applications.

Vector & Bitmap Modes
Visualize your diagrams as either bitmap tiles or SVG images.

Touch Support
Enjoy out-of-the-box support for touch navigation on iOS and Android devices.

Exceptional Graphing Features
yFiles AJAX leverages years of expertise from the development of our other successful graphing products including yFiles for Java, yFiles.NET, and yEd.

Convenient Client API
The client API provides callbacks for all kinds of mouse and touch events on graph nodes or edges and convenience classes to facilitate the creation of custom controller code.

Extensible Server API
The server API offers the infrastructure needed to easily extend the server capabilities.

Demo Applications

The following demos run in any modern browser with JavaScript and Cookies enabled.

Please note that although basic touch navigation is enabled in most demo applications, only the Organization Chart Editor demo was created specifically for touch devices. The other demo applications were designed for desktop monitors and are therefore not suitable for viewing on small screens (e.g. smartphones).

Touch-enabled Organization Chart Editor

The Organization Chart Editor demo application displays an interactive organization chart for touch devices and desktop computers:

  • supports both mouse and touch
  • supports pinch gestures on iOS devices and on Android version 3.2 or later
  • help widget provides details about supported gestures

Graph Viewer

The Graph Viewer demo application demonstrates user interaction possibilities such as zooming, panning, overview, and toggling additional node information.

The Using yFiles AJAX Tutorial gives step-by-step instructions for writing a slightly simpler version of this application.

Organization Chart

The Organization Chart demo application shows how to create an interactive organization chart with data loaded from XML:

  • uses group nodes to contain business units
  • toggles between global and local views
  • shows the chart as a tree in "structure view"

Network Monitoring

The Network Monitoring demo application shows how to use yFiles AJAX in combination with Ajax server polling to visualize model state changes on the client.

Collapsible Tree

The Collapsible Tree demo application loads a tree with many nodes, whose branches can be expanded and collapsed. The nodes are rendered with custom icons that indicate their current state. After an expand or collapse operation, the graph is redrawn using a configurable layout algorithm.

The Extending yFiles AJAX Using a Custom Servlet Tutorial gives step-by-step instructions for writing a slightly simpler version of this application.

Grouped Graph

The Grouped Graph demo application presents the grouping support of yFiles AJAX. Group nodes can be collapsed and expanded. Whenever this happens, a new incremental layout is calculated and the graph is redrawn.

Graph Editor

The Graph Editor demo application showcases the visualization and automatic layout capabilities of yFiles AJAX:

  • add, delete, move, and label nodes and edges to create a graph
  • interact using zoom and pan, undo/redo, copy/paste, and more
  • apply layout algorithms
  • download graph


The Swimlanes demo application shows the configuration of the server side views used for generating the image tiles or SVG export of the graph.

Commercial Information

Need help?

Get in touch with our sales team to learn more about the terms and conditions for the commercial or academic use of the yFiles AJAX library.

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