yFiles FLEX

yFiles FLEX makes it easy to integrate sophisticated graph visualization and editing functionality into a rich Internet application based on Apache Flex or Adobe® AIR®.

The framework provides fully-featured Flex UI components and a comprehensive class library that enable you to draw, view, edit, and lay out complex graphs, diagrams, and networks.

The current yFiles FLEX version is 1.9.

Please refer to the release notes for technical requirements and an overview of what's new in yFiles FLEX.

Looking for a web-based diagramming solution?

Have a look at our JavaScript / HTML5 diagramming library yFiles for HTML, which we recommend instead of yFiles FLEX for any new development and if you don't need to use Flash for other reasons.

Why choose yFiles FLEX?

The yFiles FLEX library enables you to create stunning diagramming applications for the Web.

Browser Compatibility
Your yFiles FLEX application will look the same no matter which browser and operating system it runs in, thanks to the Adobe Flash® Player which is installed on most Internet-enabled PCs today.

Desktop Power on the Web
You will benefit from the advantages of RIAs over thin client approaches: richer user interfaces, higher responsiveness, better client/server work balance, asynchronous communication, and higher network efficiency.

Exceptional Graphing Features
yFiles FLEX leverages years of expertise from the development of our other successful graph drawing products including yFiles for Java, yFiles.NET, and yEd.

yFiles FLEX screenshot

Outstanding Features

yFiles FLEX offers sophisticated capabilities, from styling and animation to interaction and layout.

Flexible Styling
Easily style nodes and edges, from minor tweaks to highly customized elements based on bitmap, vector, and SWF assets.

Stunning Animation
Create and customize morphing animations between graph layouts, and add hover effects.

Intuitive Interaction
Easily add and customize user interaction such as creating, moving, and resizing graph items or adding tooltips and context menus.

Automatic Layout
Perform layout directly on the client, or delegate it to a server. The remote API framework provides convenience classes to facilitate communication with yFiles server components.

Easy File Import/Export
yFiles FLEX supports GraphML, an XML-based format for graph structure and style information.

yFiles FLEX screenshot

yFiles FLEX Product Types

yFiles FLEX is available in three different editions.

yFiles FLEX Client provides sophisticated client-side graph visualization and editing, and can be combined with the optional yFiles FLEX Client Layout Extension for client-side automatic layout.

Or for server-side layout, consider our two server bundle options: yFiles FLEX Java Server Bundle and yFiles FLEX .NET Server Bundle. Each includes the yFiles FLEX Client as well as a server component that provides state-of-the-art automatic graph layout and analysis.


Client + Server

yFiles FLEX

Contains the yFiles FLEX library for client-side visualization and editing.

yFiles FLEX
Client Layout Extension

Optional client-side automatic layout support.

yFiles FLEX
Java Server Bundle

Includes yFiles FLEX Client.

Contains an additional server component for automatic layout based on yFiles for Java Complete.

Supports convenient client/server communication using standard Servlet containers.

yFiles FLEX
.NET Server Bundle

Includes yFiles FLEX Client.

Contains an additional server component for automatic layout based on yFiles.NET Complete.

Supports convenient IIS-based client/server communication.

Learn more about the yFiles FLEX product types.

Demo Applications

Graph Canvas

The Graph Canvas demo application illustrates graph parsing, layout, navigation, and editing with yFiles FLEX.

  • load GraphML files
  • rearrange imported graphs using server-side automatic layout
  • store additional information in tooltips and context menus (demonstrated in the IMDB-recommendation sample graph)
  • discover user interaction possibilities with the aid of integrated help

Organization Chart

The Organization Chart demo application shows how to create an interactive organization chart with data loaded from XML. Learn how to:

  • use TemplateNodeStyle for complex node visualizations
  • adjust level-of-detail depending on zoom
  • apply a custom zoom effect
  • customize the graph overview component

Business Process Diagram Editor

The Business Process Diagram demo application is an editor for business process diagrams that shows how to:

  • use built-in features such as grouping, swimlanes, and drag-and-drop
  • customize the look and feel of nodes, edges, and arrows
  • customize edge creation, layout calculation, and input modes
  • associate custom data objects with graph items
launch business process diagram demo

Interactive Organic Layouter

The Interactive Organic Layouter demo application shows how to perform interactive layout updates with class InteractiveOrganicLayouter.

The layouter generates continuous updates to the layout of a graph during calculation. Furthermore, it also allows a user to seemingly simultaneously perform arbitrary modifications to a graph, which are subsequently accounted for in the layout calculation.

This demo application is part of the FLEX Client Layout Extension.

launch interactive organic layouter demo

DOM Tree

The DOM Tree demo application uses the yFiles FLEX Client with a server component, and standard Flash effects, to layout and animate DOM diagrams.

  • creates a tree diagram showing the DOM structure of any URL
  • uses server-side automatic layout
  • annotates nodes with their HTML tag type
  • enlarges nodes on hover using Flash effects
launch domtree demo

Automatic Graph Layout

The Layout Module demo application presents the most important layout algorithms available with yFiles, and their configuration options.

Styles include:

  • Hierarchic
  • Orthogonal
  • Organic
  • Circular
  • Tree
launch layoutModule demo

Grouped Graph

The Grouped Graph demo application presents the grouping support of yFiles FLEX.

Group nodes can be collapsed and expanded. Whenever this happens, a new incremental layout is calculated and the graph is redrawn.

launch grouping demo

Drag and Drop

The Drag and Drop demo application shows the drag-and-drop possibilities with yFiles FLEX.

  • drag elements from a palette and drop them onto the graphing canvas
  • drag a group node onto the canvas, then drop other elements onto it
  • double-click an element style to set it as the default for new nodes
launch dragAndDrop demo

Commercial Information

Learn more about the terms and conditions for the commercial or academic use of yFiles FLEX:

Need help?

Get in touch with our sales team to learn more about the terms and conditions for the commercial or academic use of the yFiles for FLEX library.

Evaluate yFiles FLEX

You can test and experience yFiles FLEX with a 60-day, fully functional evaluation version.

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