yFiles layouts in Cytoscape 3.6.0

On November 15th, the Cytoscape project announced the new version 3.6.0 of the Cytoscape software.
This new version partners with the new yFiles Layout Algorithms for Cytoscape app to make available the latest yFiles layout algorithms in Cytoscape!

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Radial layout style. Tree layout style.

yFiles Layout Algorithms for Cytoscape app

The yFiles layouts provided by the app bring you professional layout algorithms and let you benefit from better performance than ever before.
Install the yFiles layouts in the Cytoscape GUI with the Install yFiles Layout... command from the Layout menu or download the app from the Cytoscape App Store!


The automatic layout algorithms of the yFiles family of diagramming libraries is what powers the "yFiles Layout Algorithms for Cytoscape" app.
But the yFiles software components have even more to offer:

The professional yFiles diagramming software components enable you to add high-quality diagramming functionality to your own software applications: turn your data into clear diagrams with the help of unequaled automatic diagram layout, use rich visualizations for your diagram elements, and give your users an intuitive interface for smooth interaction.
yFiles is available for a wide range of platforms and technologies: from web applications to cross-platform Java(FX) to the Microsoft .NET environment.