yFiles AJAX Release Notes

yFiles AJAX version 2.2 is the newest major release available. (See also the entire yFiles AJAX change log.)

Technical Requirements


  • The client part of yFiles AJAX runs inside a common web browser.
    • Chrome 15 or later (not tested with earlier Chrome versions)
    • Internet Explorer 7 or later (Dojo 1.10 officially supports only IE 8-11, but the bundled yFiles AJAX demo applications have been tested with IE 7 as well)
    • Edge 10240 or later (known issue: broken SVG text rendering)
    • Firefox 3.6 or later
    • Safari 5.1.1 or later (not tested with earlier Safari versions)
    JavaScript and Cookies need to be enabled.
    SVG support is only available in modern browsers. Internet Explorer did not support SVG before version 9.


  • A Java Runtime Environment is required. At least Java 1.6 is needed to enable the SVG-based features (SVG mode, rendering of SVG nodes, and SVG export). Without SVG support, Java 1.4.2 is sufficient.
  • A servlet container needs to be installed, e.g., Tomcat. The servlet container has to support at least the Servlet spec. 2.4.
  • To compile the demo applications, JDK 1.5 is required.
  • Ant is not strictly necessary, but it helps for some tasks.

yFiles AJAX 2.2 changes since 2.1.1

General Changes


  • The edge realizer set with method UpdateServlet#setDefaultEdgeRealizer(EdgeRealizer) was not used in UpdateServlet#createEdge(Graph2D,Node,Node,int).

Changes in Technical Requirements

  • The SVG functionality (SVG mode, rendering of SVG nodes, and SVG export) provided by the bundled ySVG libraries now requires at least Java 1.6, due to upgrading to ySVG 2.5. To enable SVG functionality with older Java releases, use a previous (2.4.x) ySVG release, or the ySVG JARs (ysvg.jar, batik.jar) bundled with a previous yFiles AJAX release (ySVG 2.4 uses Batik 1.7, while ySVG 2.5 uses Batik 1.8).