yFiles FLEX Release Notes

yFiles FLEX version 1.9 is the newest major release available. (See also the entire yFiles FLEX change log.)

The current version of the yFiles FLEX Client Layout Extension is 1.5. To learn more about the technical requirements and feature enhancements of this version, please refer to the corresponding release notes.

Technical Requirements

  • yFiles FLEX applications can be developed either using the Flex 3 SDK or using the Flex 4 SDK.
  • Client applications that make use of yFiles FLEX require Adobe® Flash® Player version 10 or higher.
  • AIR desktop applications that make use of yFiles FLEX require Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) version 1.5 or higher.
  • For automatic graph layout on the server, either yFiles for Java Complete (2.12 series) or yFiles.NET Complete (3.6 series).
  • yFiles FLEX (Java Server Bundle): A servlet container (for example, Apache Tomcat), Oracle J2RE 1.4 (or higher).
  • yFiles FLEX 1.8 (.NET Server Bundle): Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (or higher), Visual Studio recommended.

yFiles FLEX 1.9 Changes Since 1.8

Major New Features

Server (Java)

  • Performance improvements in IncrementalHierarchicLayouter and many other layout algorithms.
  • Added new layout algorithm SeriesParallelLayouter to handle two-terminal graphs.
  • Added new layout algorithm RadialLayouter that places nodes on concentric circles.
  • Added multi-parent support to GenericTreeLayouter to handle local non-tree structures which can occur in organizational charts, for example.
  • Added support for terminating (layout) algorithms prematurely.
  • Introduced concept of node halos where some space around a node is reserved so that layout algorithms will not place other graph elements there.
  • Added grid placement support for nodes and edges to IncrementalHierarchicLayouter.
  • SmartOrganicLayouter: Added support for partition grid layout.


Server (Java)

  • The bundled yFiles for Java release has been updated to version


Server (Java)

  • Bug in com.yworks.yfiles.server.graphml.flexio.FlexIOTools fixed that broke committing the edge label layout for labels using a FreeEdgeLabelModel as part of an CompositeEdgeLabelModel.