yWorks releases version 2.0 of yFiles for HTML!

This new version marks a major step and brings an extensively improved and streamlined API. Throughout the API there are more concise function names now and optional, default, and rest parameters can be used; there is support for "option"/object parameters in many places. ECMAScript 6 features like Promises and iterables are supported and also ECMAScript 6 and TypeScript class declarations.
The class and interface hierarchies have been simplified as well as the implementations for components, built-in styles, and input modes; working with nested/grouped graphs and configuration of layout algorithms has also been simplified.

There is also new support for layout of regular substructures in the Organic layout style and a new edge routing style in the Circular layout, Radial layout and the Tree layout algorithms, where edge paths are bundled to prevent visual clutter in diagrams.

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