yWorks UML Doclet Release Notes

The latest version of the Javadoc UML extension yWorks UML Doclet is 3.1.

UML Doclet 3.1 - Changes Since 3.0_02


  • Added compatibility with JDK 1.8.0.


  • Added new content separator policy first-word-or-tag to the XML driven taglet factory.

UML Doclet 3.0_02 - Changes Since 3.0_01


  • Added compatibility with JDK 1.7.0.

UML Doclet 3.0_01 - Changes Since 3.0


  • Fixed problems with improperly encoded file paths. yWorks UML Doclet now also handles file paths that contain special characters such as spaces, for example.
  • Addressed incorrect generation of package links in class diagrams that point to undocumented packages.
  • Inner types that are used in method signatures are correctly prefixed with their enclosing type's name.
  • Fixed BREAK_CYCLES_BY_WEIGHT_POLICY, which can be used in package dependency diagrams.