yFiles for Java 2.x Release Notes

yFiles for Java version 2.14 is the newest major release available in the yFiles for Java 2.x technology line. It contains many exciting new features compared to older versions and is almost completely API compatible with the 2.13 series.
(See also the entire yFiles for Java change log.)

Technical Requirements

  • Oracle J2SDK 1.4 or higher is needed for software development with yFiles.
  • Oracle J2RE 1.4 or higher is needed to execute programs using yFiles.
  • A browser to view the HTML documentation.

yFiles 2.14 - Changes Since 2.13

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yFiles for Java 2.14 Release Notes
New support for Sankey diagrams with thick edges
yFiles for Java 2.14 Release Notes
New support for port grouping
yFiles for Java 2.14 Release Notes
New support in the Hierarchic layout for non-structural edges

Features Added






The new interactive documentation viewer integrates the yFiles for Java API documentation and the yFiles for Java Developer's Guide. Its built-in optimized search capability makes it easy to quickly get a result list of both API references and related descriptions.

The Javadoc™ API documentation is additionally available in the doc/javadoc/ folder.




  • DropSupport: Fixed initial groupClosed states of realizer delegates in ProxyShapeNodeRealizer instances that are created in createNode for new group/folder nodes.
  • EditMode: Fixed NullPointerException that occurred on mouse clicks after transferring the focus to the application menu bar by typing the ALT key on Windows.
  • ConstraintManager: Fixed memory leaks that caused option editors to be retained for the whole life cycle of a constraint manager.
  • Overview: Fixed rare IllegalArgumentException that occurred for mouse drag events when the canvas component of the Graph2DView associated to the overview has width or height 0.

Incompatible Changes

Behavior Changes

API Changes