yFiles WPF Product Types

yFiles WPF is available in two different distributions.

Distribution Types

Viewer Distribution

The Viewer distribution contains only the yFiles WPF Viewer component.

Complete Distribution

The Complete distribution contains the yFiles WPF Viewer component and an Algorithms component with the yFiles graph analysis and layout algorithms.

In addition, this distribution contains adapter classes that facilitate the usage of the yFiles algorithms from the Viewer library.

Distribution Features

The following table provides an overview of the features of the yFiles WPF distributions.

  yFiles WPF Distribution
Algorithms Componentefficient algorithms-oriented graph structure implementation 
wide variety of graph and network algorithms 
algorithms for automatic layout of graphs and diagrams 
algorithms for automatic layout of connections in diagrams 
automatic label placement 
Viewer Componentefficient graph structure implementation with support for the visual representation of graph elements
powerful graph viewer component for the presentation and creation/editing of diagrams
extensive user interaction support
support for nested graph structures
support for diverse input/output file formats for diagrams and export-only image file formats
printing support, incl. poster printing
animations and layout morphing

yFiles WPF Building Blocks

The yFiles WPF distributions consist of the following building blocks:


yFiles WPF Algorithms contains efficient algorithms and data structures for graph analysis tasks as well as state-of-the-art graph layout algorithms.


yFiles WPF Algorithms provides essential classes and data types for graph analysis tasks. These include highly efficient implementations of advanced data types such as Graph and Priority Queue. Furthermore, the algorithms library contains a wide variety of graph and network algorithms which in turn form an indispensable toolkit for a range of network analysis tasks.


The algorithms library offers a perfect suite of graph layout algorithms which deliver you unrivaled opportunities. Diverse layout styles including hierarchic, orthogonal, or circular are provided as easy to integrate components that can be configured programmatically to suit most layout demands. In addition, yFiles WPF Algorithms provides edge routing algorithms that make it possible to easily route edges into existing diagrams. The different layout styles also now include several incremental algorithms, for example incremental hierarchical layout.


The yFiles WPF Viewer component provides powerful WPF controls for displaying graphs, and makes available excellent graph interaction capabilities with the controls, convenient printing capabilities, and export to a variety of output formats.


The controls can display arbitrary graphical objects based on a graphics engine tailored to support both flexible customization and high performance rendering of complex graphics.


yFiles WPF makes it easy to add custom editing functionality to your WPF application. The library offers full clipboard and Undo/Redo support.


The graphics displayed in the yFiles WPF graph controls can be exported to a variety of bitmap based image formats or to the vector based XPS format.

yFiles WPF uses the XML based GraphML format as its native exchange file format for graph structure and layout information.

With yFiles WPF, high quality printing support can be easily integrated into your application.