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Below is a compilation of carefully selected visuals we've crafted over the years. While most showcase the capabilities of our yFiles libraries, we've also included some simply because we're fond of them!


Check out some inspiring applications and demos that show the premium layouting facility in real-time, on the demos page.

Automatic Layout of Networks and Diagrams

The yFiles libraries embody many advantages, one of which is their ability to automatically draw networks and diagrams. yFiles layout algorithms enable you to create clear, robust and dynamic Flow Charts, UML Diagrams, Organization Charts, Sankey Diagrams, Family Trees, Business Process Diagrams, etc.
Below are some of the many layout styles provided by yFiles.

UML Diagramming

Automatically creating UML diagrams is not easy. Most of the available UML tools do not provide extensive automatic layout support.
yFiles on the other hand offers superior layout engines for UML diagram creation. Below are some UML diagrams made with yFiles.

Flowcharts and Swimlane Diagrams

An automatic layout of swimlane diagrams presents a significant challenge. In a swimlane diagram, nodes belong to different graphically depicted lanes, and a layout algorithm needs to arrange them correspondingly.
Often, flowcharts are presented using a swimlane diagram, so that responsibilities are clearly visible.

Social Network Analysis

In social network analysis, mathematical analysis of social relationships is used to gain insight into the structure of a social network.
yFiles algorithms facilitate this analysis and enable automatic clustering.

Working with Large Graphs

Creating, editing, and visualizing large graphs with hundreds and thousands of elements is one of the strengths of our library. The following images prove that our library can handle these diagrams and networks easily.

Nested Graph Hierarchies

The yFiles libraries support the notion of "nested graphs," i.e., the nodes of a graph may contain graphs themselves, which can be laid out like any other graph.

Visual Styles and Features

Our graph visualization libraries offer support for a wide range of visual styles. Below are examples of some visual styles crafted using yFiles.

Layout Constraints

The yFiles graph layout algorithms provide advanced layout constraints when calculating a graph's layout.

Customer Applications

This section displays screenshots of some of the different applications that our customers have built using the yFiles diagramming libraries.

Research Projects

yFiles in Scientific Publications

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