yExport Extension Package

The yExport extension package adds support for popular vector graphics file formats to the yFiles for Java graph visualization library.

The current yExport version is 1.5. Please refer to the release notes to learn more about the technical requirements and feature enhancements of this latest version.


yExport enables convenient export of the contents of a yFiles Graph2DView to a number of vector graphics file formats.
The following output formats are available to save the visual representations for nodes and edges as well as any other graphical decorations visible:

  • PDF (Portable Document Format) - desktop publishing file format.
  • SWF (Macromedia® Flash®) - vector graphics file format for publishing multimedia contents on the Web.
  • EMF (Windows Enhanced Metafile) - graphics file format on Microsoft® Windows® systems.
  • EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) - PostScript® document with additional restrictions that describes an image or drawing.

The PDF output capabilities of yExport enable to easily integrate diagrams in PDF documents, the de-facto standard for printable documents.

EMF is the format of choice to import, respectively paste via the clipboard, high-quality diagrams into Windows text processing and graphics applications, like, e.g., Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint.

Experience the output quality with the pictured sample graph:

  • PDF file (needs a browser plugin/Acrobat Reader)
  • SWF file (needs a browser plugin/Flash Player)
  • EMF file (needs Microsoft Windows)
  • EPS file (needs a PostScript viewer)

Show PDF version

Developer Information

Technical Requirements

  • Graph visualization library yFiles for Java 2.12 to 2.16 version series.
  • Oracle J2SDK 1.6 or higher for software development with yExport.
  • Oracle J2RE 1.6 or higher to execute yExport powered programs.
  • A browser to view the HTML documentation.

Commercial Information

We offer Single Developer, Project, Site, and Source Code licenses for yExport. Please refer to the Software License Agreement for more information on the available license types.

Annual subscription includes free upgrades, special support services like technical answers and advices, bug fixes and work-arounds, and the right to renew subscription for an additional year at the end of the term. Term is one year. For further information please see the Software License Agreement for yExport.

Evaluate yExport

An evaluation version of the yExport extension package can be downloaded from our site free of charge. Please read and accept the license terms before downloading the software.

Test and experience yExport. (The test version is fully functional, but inserts marker into the output.)

Please contact for further information and/or bug reporting.